SCADA Systems from Prime Controls Support Hurricane Protection Projects in New Orleans

For the past four years, Prime Controls has been working on Hurricane Risk Reduction contracts for the New Orleans District of the US Army Corps of Engineers. We have been awarded work on 27 contracts for sites throughout the Greater New Orleans Area. Our work has centered on a SCADA system that allows remote control and monitoring of the storm water pumping stations that drain the city. Data required to operate the pumps includes information about the pumps, the engines driving the pumps, the electrical generators that support the pump stations, and water levels in the intake and discharge areas. Besides these standard data, the SCADA system incorporates weather information and CCTV surveillance. The critical nature of the pump stations requires redundancy in every system, including communications. The systems primarily communicate via fiber optic, with alternates of microwave and satellite radio.
Prime Controls installed the instrumentation, control panels, control hardware, computer workstations and programmed the PLCs and HMI as well as develop many custom applications to help the USACE and local stakeholders manage the storm water drainage system.